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Select The Best Family Tree Printable Template

Acquiring a printable template for your family tree is easier said than done. You want to be sure that the template or chart you're about to print is right up your alley. This guide takes you through different family tree printable templates at Record Click and how you can print one matching your unique family setting. 

With all the daunting tasks of researching details for every individual, you don't want your tree to look skimpy. 

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the scope and structure of your family will guide the choice of a printable family tree. 
  • The more generations, the broader or taller your family tree printable template will be, and it also depends on the individuals you wish to include in every generation.
  • Our professional genealogists are ready to help you through the journey of unearthing details and presenting them expertly on a wall poster, chart, etc.

Know The Family Tree Printable Template You Need

The primary guide to the entire genealogy research is your purpose for it. Do you want a simple 3-generation tree art for your kids or a 10-generation pedigree chart for the fourth great-grandparents? The more generations, the broader or taller your family tree will be; it also depends on the individuals you wish to include in every generation. 

Family tree printable with a few generations are spacious and allow for decorative art. However, an extensive family tree with more than ten layers is sketchy and only popular with historian archivists. Nonetheless, you can still find several templates and charts readily available at Record Click. 

Another consideration when you select a printable family tree is the design and layout. Everyone has their touch, and you may want to incorporate a family theme into the printable family tree. In that case, you click the edit button beside the preferred printable family tree and include your colors, labels, etc. If you want to depart from the ubiquitous tree structure, you can go for the ahnentafel style, also known as the pedigree style extending horizontally. 

Another factor that could influence design choice is the presence of an adopted or foster child in your family. Your printable family tree choice has to reflect the family's love while respecting the child's birth identity. Don't worry. We have those too, and guidelines on how to complete them based on each case. 

The size and design of your intended family tree should guide the final dimensions for your printout. The hard copy should be something informative, legible, and attractive. Use the edit tab beside each printable family tree to put your preferred dimensions. As a rule of thumb, you can't stretch a more than 4 generation family tree on an A4 piece of paper. You want bigger spaces to allow space for name tags, decorative art, and personal details of every individual. 

What are Free and Paid Printable Family Trees?

All family trees are similar, and the cost varies with features. The paid access has additional features like editing, which lets you customize your family tree printable. Contrastingly, there's little you can do to a free printable family tree, only downloading and printing the template or chart as it is. 

If you can work with several of our printable family trees without the need to adjust them, well and good. Start downloading or printing them in numbers and track your lineage. However, if you must tweak it a little to accommodate another family, generation, or individual, you only need to pay $4.95 for such freedom. Our help doesn't end there. Our professional genealogists are ready to help you through the journey of unearthing details and presenting them expertly on a wall poster, chart, etc. 

How Do I Print a Family Tree?

The first step is identifying a suitable printable family tree for you. Check out all the printable family trees on our site and choose a few that you think can represent your family well. For example, a three-generation family tree would look great on a tree art with names written on fruits. Besides, it's simple to memorize and can hold images of every individual comfortably. 

Click on your preferred printable family tree and read through the guidelines. The page also has reviews from others who've had experience with the products and services. You'll have to choose the free or the paid version on your right. The former immediately comes out in a PDF format, while the latter allows additional editing and decoration. 

Print A Family Tree

It's incredible how you can get a ready-made printable family tree and download it for free. This provides much-needed relief in the daunting task of tracing your genealogy. Start with learning your family structure and scope, and then find a family tree that'll reflect that artistically. 

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