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A picture frame family tree is one of the most poignant ways to celebrate your heritage. Previously genealogy was thought to be only for lost individuals trying to trace their lineage. For this reason, a person had to consult a professional genealogist and physically peruse old documents for traces. 

The table has turned, and learning about your family has become more straightforward and incorporated even in our learning institutions. Schools are incorporating family trees to help students understand family structures and their true identities. Besides, the whole thing of unearthing records has been made simple by advanced technology and the internet. Today, it's easier to find a ready-made family tree template and ask for photos from relatives, and you'll be done within hours, if not minutes. Below, we look at how the picture frame family tree has changed the game and the benefit it has brought in families interested in learning about their lineage. 

Key Takeaways
  • Picture frame template allows you to include photos of your loved ones instead of names or dates.
  • Using pictures in your family tree diminishes loneliness and stress among family members.
  • Our picture frame family tree templates come in different shapes and sizes, which you can edit depending on your family's preference and theme.

What Is a Picture Frame Family Tree Template?

Unlike other family tree templates that only come with a sketch for you to write family member names, the picture frame template allows you to include photos of your loved ones instead of names or dates. Nowadays, it is easy to acquire pictures of your family members on your smartphone or PC and use them to fill in a family tree. The picture frame family tree template comes with the crucial visual appeal essential in internalizing the family links, especially among children. 

Why are Picture Frame Family Tree Templates Different?

If you're yet to incorporate a picture frame family tree template in your genealogy, you may be missing out on the following benefits. 

1. Diminishes Loneliness

Framing family photos and putting them around your office or home means that you'll be seeing most, if not all, of your family members, no matter their current location. If your spouse, parent, or child is miles away, you're likely to miss them and feel lonely while working or resting at home. Such loneliness is associated with depression and sadness, and in other cases, it can lead to cognitive decline, a weak immune system, and blood pressure. If you download our picture frame family tree template and add wedding photos or photos of your loved ones, it can play a crucial role in bridging the distance and making you feel less lonely. 

2. Memorial

Family trees have been a great way to commemorate our lost loved ones and let our children know about them. Having a portrait of them framed proudly on the house wall is a good reminder that they may be gone, but they're still with us in spirit. Such pictures also serve as good references when you want to maintain a legacy and pass it on to future generations. Even if the kids didn't meet these loved ones, the picture frame helps their image stick to our heads and learn about them. 

3. Reduce Stress

Initially, research was scant on the therapeutic effects of creating a family tree on the family members. Recent studies suggest that adding and regularly looking at photos of our loved ones during difficult times reduces stress significantly as if the relative was physically present. Therefore, you need to check out the best picture frame family tree template and add pictures of your loved ones accordingly, and you'll likely remain calm even in challenging times. If you're having concentration issues at work due to long distance or homesickness, displaying framed pictures of your loved ones around may help eradicate stress. 

4. Boost Kids' Self-Esteem

Picture family trees are kids' favorite due to the creativity used in their development and the visual appeal they provide. Along with the mental benefits we've already discussed, studies show that displaying kids' photos on the family tree among other family members boosts their confidence and self-esteem. The kids will know that they, too, are a crucial part of the family, and it's always wise to make their pictures bigger and place them in their rooms. 

Edit, Download, and Print Picture Family Tree

A picture family tree in your house or office complements the decal and helps members familiarize themselves with relatives and family structure. As you have learned, displaying images of your close relatives on a family tree could significantly curb mental health issues. At Record Click, we're here to help you achieve these benefits with little effort. Our picture frame family tree templates come in different shapes and sizes, which you can edit depending on your family's preference and theme. Remember to include only the best or favorite photos so everyone can admire them whenever they look at them.  

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