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How To Complete an Adoptive Family Tree Template?

Adoption is something to be proud of, but when we’re faced with a standard family tree chart, we experience a twinge. Classic family tree templates and school assignments seem to assume that every kid comes with one mom and one dad which leaves many confused. Do you trace the birth family tree, the adopted family, or both?

Of course, some may argue that genealogy is only about genes but the family tree focuses on family no matter what drives it. In that case, love ties in adoption reign supreme than genes and it’s okay for an adopted child to feature in the family tree of the adopted family. 

Key Takeaways

  • If you’re tracing your adoptive family tree template, you follow the same process as in tracing any other family tree.
  • Filling in your adoptive family tree can be easier when you know the name and details of your biological parents.
  • Adoptive family tree template alternatives include the roots & branches family tree and the family wheel. 

How To Trace Your Family Tree as An Adopted Child

If you’re tracing your adoptive family tree template, you follow the same process as in tracing any other family tree. However, ensure you indicate that the link with other relatives and family members is adoptive. The different coloring is not a reflection of the differing love but only a visual clarification to other interested parties like teachers or donors. 

Filling in your adoptive family tree can be easier when you know the name and details of your biological parents. However, if you’re still looking for crucial details regarding your birth parents, you may need to consult different sources including reunion registries, your adoptive family, and the archives. 

Adoptive Family Tree Template Alternatives

With all the information gathered and only left with filling up the adoptive family tree template, check out the best family tree template for your family structure and scope. 

1. The Roots & Branches Family Tree

The roots and branches are crucial parts of any tree and most specifically the adoptive family tree. A family tree template showing both branches and the roots easily accommodates a person’s adoptive and biological families. You can write the adopted child’s name on the tree’s trunk while the branches above it representing one family and the roots beneath representing another. Besides, you can adjust the roots and branches family tree format if you have stepfamily, foster family, or any other type of family. 

2. The Family Forest

This adoptive family tree template involves several trees making up a forest. Normally, the template has the adopted child on one tree, the largest, and other family members assigned other trees. The family forest is one of the most adored templates especially among kids due to its sense of fairness and creativity space. The child decides which family to go to which tree and can include different sizes for different trees. 

3. The Name Tree

As the name suggests this adoptive family tree template only accommodates family members’ full names. It’s a great option when the adopted child wants to keep details about their family under the mat. The child’s name appears on the very bottom while family member’s names appear as we climb the tree. Unlike standard family tree templates, the name tree allows you to place the anyone at any place on the tree and avoid titles like uncle or aunty. With only the nick names on the name trees you can come up with an elegantly beautiful piece of art which doubles as a genealogy reference in your room. 

4. The Family Wheel

The wheel is a circular representation of your adoptive family lineage. This simple and inclusive adoptive family tree template alternative lets you make as many slices of pie as necessary. The adopted child’s name starts at the center of the wheel and both sides of the outer rings show the adoptive, birth, step-family, or foster relationships. 

5. The Family Pyramid

The pyramid shape resonates with a family tree as the research broadens with inclusion of generation levels. So, the family pyramid has the child’s name on one side and the family members and ancestors come following. If you want to show the links on your birth and adopted family, you can divide the pyramid into half. 

6. Family Meadow

This alternative comes in handy when the family tree assignment is timed by a teacher. Genealogy including one or several adopted children requires in-depth research and that may not be achieved if the adopted family tree assignment is expected the following day. For that reason, teacher allow adopted children to come up with a less literal family tree to maintain the positive experience. The less literal family tree may include neighbors and anyone present in the child’s development. Alternatively, the assignment may allow you to compete a family tree for famous people in history whose backgrounds and details are easy to research from home. 

Remain Positive with All Families

One thing that should stick to your mind as you determine the best adoptive family tree template for you is that how you depict your family linkage isn’t a big deal provided you help the audience differentiate between genetic and adoptive relationships.  Nonetheless, the scope of your research or the family for which you wish to complete a family tree is solely your decision. 

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