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Benefits Of a Family Tree for Kids

Making a family tree for your kids helps them learn about their identity and ancestry. The diagram represents different generation levels and the relationships between individuals. Researching your lineage and filling in a family tree helps your kids learn artistic skills while internalizing their genealogy. 

Key Takeaways

  • A family tree is a tree-like diagram representing your lineage from a common ancestor.
  • Creating a family tree with kids enhances their intellect and self-esteem. 
  • If you're thinking of making a family tree with kids, check out our simple tree templates and choose the best.

What is A Family Tree?

As the name suggests, a family tree is a tree-like diagram representing your lineage from a common ancestor. The diagram is usually presented in a tree structure with the ancestor as the root. The lines connecting one generation or relative to another are the branches, while every member is represented as a leaf or a fruit if you want to make things sweeter. 

The main reason genealogists settled on a tree structure for genealogy is its ease of keeping records and following through as you advance in generational levels.

Benefits of A Family Tree for Kids

Everything involving drawing diagrams and filling spaces enhances intellectual and fine motor skills. Toddlers can color large spaces on the family tree, while the teens can handwrite individual names and dates. Read below the advantages of involving kids in your genealogy research. 

1. It Enhances Bond

The first thing in creating a family tree with your kids is to help them understand what it is and its meaning. This way, the kids will give the endeavor the necessary seriousness and incorporate their personal touch into each relative. A family tree will help your teenagers understand why you visit the elderly Bob frequently at up-country. By discovering they, too, are related to cousins and aunts, they relate better. The connections and development of meaningful familial interaction form the basis of a happy life. 

2. Develop Identity

Every child is entitled to identity, and exploring it together will help them discover their roots. For example, the family tree details can help them learn that their grandmother lived in Scotland. The information helps them see beyond themselves and their environment, bringing a sense of belonging. In simple terms, a family tree for kids is an eye opener for kids who may see themselves as outcasts or different-it will help them understand that they're just unique. 

3. Unearths Medical History

Another reason families are detailing family trees and educating kids about them is due to prevalent conditions and diseases. Research shows that some conditions like cancers and mental illnesses can be genetic, and informing family members early enough will help them choose lifestyles wisely. Such information helps you or the kids choose the appropriate medical care if a defect occurs along the lineage. It's worth noting some medical information may need to remain confidential, while others require proof of records to be ascertained. How you go about this solely remains your discretion and the discussion with other key players. 

4. Triggers Interest in History

If you discover that your kids loathe history studies and lessons, creating a family tree is one way to entice them into the game of the past. Initially, the research should look like a fun activity involving your close relatives. You can start by drawing a family tree sketch and coloring a few leaves before you get into searching for names and important dates. For example, when kids learn about their grandfather's involvement in the war, they may want to know more about the circumstances through which one of their own lived. 

How To Make a Family Tree for Kids

Making a family tree has no set rules, and the scope depends on your family. A simple tree only includes your kids, parents, and grandparents, while an extensive one may consist of aunties and uncles. Follow these steps for a perfect family tree for kids. 

  1. Compile information about your family, including names, birth, and death dates. 
  2. Create an outline of the family tree from the ancestor on the top down to your kids at the bottom. 
  3. Form a shape like a rectangle to represent each member. 
  4. Connect the shapes to show relationships.
  5. Include full names, dates of birth, and any other special event. 
  6. Feel free to produce as many copies of the family tree as possible and share them with relatives. 

Filling in and sharing is likely to elicit essential conversations on family matters and bonding, while some may want to improve or customize the family tree even further. 

If you're thinking of making a family tree with kids, check out our simple tree templates and choose the best. The templates are editable, downloadable, and printable, saving your kids from the hard work of creating an outline. 

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