Which Is the Best Blank Family Tree Template for Me?

Creating a family tree would be handy if you want to track your lineage to local or foreign ancestors. You want every crucial detail that might lead you to that ancestor and perhaps unearth other family connections. Discovering your ancestors could qualify you for citizenship in a foreign country and help you find your ancestral origin. 

Well, genealogy involves a lot of research, and most people consult professional genealogists, but that goes with high fees. Here at recordclick.com, we've simplified the hard work for you and provided guidelines on how to do family research with little or no help. One of the crucial steps you need to take is to master how to create a family tree perfectly. For that reason, we've explored different blank family tree templates that you can use and achieve your goal within no time. 

Key Takeaways

  • A family tree is a tree-like diagram representing your lineage from a common ancestor.
  • The main reason genealogists settled on a tree structure for genealogy is its ease of keeping records and following through as you advance in generational levels. 
  • Thanks to advanced technology you can download a well set up template for your taste.

What is a Family Tree?

As the name suggests, a family tree is a tree-like diagram representing your lineage from a common ancestor. The diagram is usually presented in a tree structure with the ancestor as the root. The lines connecting one generation or relative to another are the branches, while every member is represented as a leaf or a fruit if you want to make things sweeter. 

The main reason genealogists settled on a tree structure for genealogy is its ease of keeping records and following through as you advance in generational levels. 

Can I Customize a Blank Family Tree Template?

Thanks to advanced technology, you no longer need to start your family tree from scratch on that exercise book paper. The space is limited, and the final result may not come out clean due to the several erased and crooked lines joining the relatives. Check our blank family tree templates and see if they're right up your alley. We have a wide range of templates accommodating different tastes, given that some users prefer the format, even for business structures. 

Now that the many templates on our site will likely confuse you, we'll look at a few factors you need to consider to arrive at the best blank family tree template. 

Our blank family tree templates are a simple tree diagram on the background of a well-laid-out structure of family members with the mom's side on one side and the dad's side on the other. 

Factors To Consider When Selecting the Best Family Tree Template 

Not every template will be suitable for all families. You need a template that'll accommodate that adopted child or a stepson and still allow for the normal genealogy flow. Below are things you need to look out for before working on your favorite blank family tree template. 

1. The Information You Need

There may be different reasons why you need the family tree. You may want to acquire that German citizenship or find your ancestral land in Italy. Others want to fill a family tree to keep their kids aware of the lineage and understand why they call uncle Sam 'big brother.' The purpose of your family tree will help you decide if you can go for a simple template or that complex tree with enough space for crucial details. 

2. Family Structure

The family structure will also help you choose the best blank family tree template. A family full of adopted children and step-siblings requires a unique template to accommodate all these characters and help them feel included in the genealogy. Besides, you want to avoid downloading a 3-generation family tree template when your study objective focuses on five generations. 

3. Editing and Printing

Luckily, this won't bother you when you choose to download our blank family tree templates, as they are all editable, downloadable, and printable. It means you can adjust our blank templates to accommodate more space or additional family members. This form of interaction helps you internalize the template size and details while making you feel part of your family's genealogy process. 

Start Your Genealogy Now!

All the blank family tree templates on this site are meant to ease your genealogy research and help you knock the study out of the park. Check out the different themes, shapes, and sizes of blank family tree templates and start editing your preference. Besides, you can always reach us for additional help in your genealogy.  

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