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How To Use a Family Tree Chart Maker Online

A family tree chart maker is something you can share across generations and preserve your family history information for decades. Knowing your family roots is important; thanks to technology, you can do it all digitally at your own pace. The online family tree builder is far from the run-on-the-mill family tree templates we used back in the day. The digital solution even comes with genealogy resources to unwind a family mystery. 

Key Takeaways

  • A family tree chart maker is a web-based tool that converts the information you key into an elegantly beautiful chart.
  • Common features of a family tree chart maker include download and drag options.
  • Top family tree chart makers include Ancestry and MyHeritage.

What is a Family Tree Chart Maker

Also known as a builder, the web-based tool converts the information you key into an elegantly beautiful chart. With technology comes a wide variety of sizes, designs, and applications. The software will keep all the information you enter while allowing you to print if you want to display the tree on your house wall or office. 

Common Features of a Family Tree Chart Maker

Creating a family tree that kids and siblings can appreciate is easier said than done, especially if you come from a unique family. You want a chart that includes everyone effortlessly and still comes out as a flawless piece of art. Luckily, you can find thousands of templates online, ready-made for you to download or print. Alternatively, you can tweak our templates to match your house/family theme and structure. Here's what you can enjoy with an online family tree chart maker. 

1. Variety of Charts

Before creating your own charts from scratch, online chart makers splash you with charts to choose from. Most of these charts are free to download, but you may need to pay a few bucks to customize them. A ready-made diagram would save you time for the daunting task of detailing each of your relatives. 

2. Professional Charts

The readily available templates are expertly made to organize your family tree based on your research. Simply key in individual details, and the chart maker will do the rest. This is a perfect digital reserve for your crucial information and a present and future reference.

3. Simple Steps

Software is regarded as complicated, and most people would rather download the readily-made template than build one from scratch. This doesn't have to be the case for family tree chart makers as they are easy to learn and follow through even for teens. You add all the necessary information, including pictures and symbols, with a few simple steps.  

4. You Can Export Chart

Online family tree builders are not for online use only, as you can download the file and use it as a hard copy. Besides, you can publish the chart or share it on various platforms. So, in addition to having the information remaining online, you can have a duplicate decorating your room for siblings and kids to follow. 

5. You can Drag and Drop

The drag-and-drop tool is super easy, meaning you have no reason to create a family tree without pictures. All you need is to access the images and save them on your PC/smartphone, and you can upload them by dragging. 

How To Use a Family Tree Family Builder

Whatever family tree chart maker you're using, Canva, Ancestry, etc., you can finish up in just five steps. Before you launch the builder on your device, ensure you have photos ready. Whether you use the website or app is up to you. Follow the steps below.

  1. Launch the app or go to the site. 
  2. Check for ready-made templates and charts. You can filter the themes and colors on the search tool.
  3. Click on your preferred template to add it to your page, edit, or download. 
  4. Find frames, stickers, and shapes to spruce up your family tree. Examine numerous options. Take time on your family tree chart-building process to ensure your last resort feels right. You can try different color schemes, swap templates, and upload additional family photos. 

Which is the Best Family Tree Chart Builder

The best cart builder depends on your family tree structure, scope, and your preference. Among the top five is Ancestry.com, adored for its historical records crucial in piecing family information. MyHeritage also has genealogy records, but the tutorials and the downloadable paid builder make it stand out. 

The Findmypast family tree builder offers similar services, and its partnership with genealogy societies aids in finding accurate family details. We also found FamilyTreeNow family tree builder, which lets you view and changes family tree details online for free. If you're more concerned about the space to store all the information on your family tree, Crestleaf will not only build an engaging family tree but also store up to 1GB of pictures for free.  

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