• Family Tree Template Free Download

Family Tree Template Free Download

If you want to follow through your lineage easily, you need a clear and simple family tree. Do you remember those worksheets we filled out at school when studying our family? We've got even larger ones to include over eight generations of your family. 

Moreover, you can customize our family tree templates before you print to accommodate additional individuals or generations. The templates with large trees, big boxes, and decorative artwork are perfect for kids. Follow the guidelines below to effectively use our free printable family tree templates. 

Key Takeaways

  • If you must track your family lineage, you must use a family tree template and may need the help of a genealogist.
  • The essence of you looking for a template is to add your details and display them to friends or family.
  • Our free family tree templates list is endless, and you can easily get lost in the beautifully crafted art pieces.

Benefits of Free Family Tree Templates

1. They're Printable

The essence of looking for a template is to add your details and display them to friends or family. Therefore, the template must be printable so you can distribute it to siblings and children. Every template you come across on our site has adjustable dimensions you may need to use before printing.

2. They Come in Different Designs

Our printable family tree templates list is endless, and you can easily get lost in the beautifully crafted art pieces. Usually, family tree templates come with an image of a huge tree and a graduated arrangement of generations, starting with an ancestor or a child. We have lots of these at Record Click, but we also have templates for special occasions like weddings and birthdays. 

A standard family tree chart has branches representing generations and individuals marked as large fruits. Note that the fruits must be spacious to comfortably accommodate the full names and dates. You can choose family tree templates allowing picture frames to represent the individuals with their recent images. 

3. They're Free

Having a genealogist create a family tree is costly, let alone doing the family research for you. So, having free printable family tree templates from our professional genealogists at Record Click is a great offer. Besides, you can make a few template changes before printing them for free. 

4. They're Downloadable

You can download your preferred family tree template on your smartphone or PC and open it wherever you go. Here, you can edit and enlarge it if you want it to come out as a poster for your house wall. Choose the right format and hit the download button to open the template even when you're offline. 

Printable Family Tree Templates Application

A family tree is not something you think of every time; you must have developed an interest in exploring your identity. One important thing is to know the best times to use a template for a practical genealogy session. Below we highlight several applications where family tree templates are reported to be most effective. 

1. At School

Elementary schools teaching about family trees need physical references that kids can see and touch. If you say the father is the head, a visual display will help them understand better. As a result, schools have extensively incorporated free printable family tree templates to teach about families. 

Higher education institutions, too, use family tree templates to teach genealogy courses. Luckily, students and teachers can now refer to available samples online and practice for their profession for free. 

2. At Home

Parents are also adapting to the availability of free online family trees and downloading them in their numbers. Having a beautiful family tree at home will help your kid knock their family tree assignment out of the park and also help them develop a sense of identity. 

3. At Family Gatherings

Remember to carry a few family tree templates if you're planning a family gathering with your relatives. We have a variety where to choose samples for cousins, aunts, grandparents, adoptive families, etc. Distributing these templates and letting your relatives gather the information is a great conversation starter and a social activity for a family. 

Download A Family Tree For Free

With all the free printable templates on our site, you're left with no reason not to introduce a family tree to your family and friends. Everyone can have their taste and test whether they have an excellent record of close family members. Luckily, our templates are free, downloadable, and printable. 

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Family Tree Template Free Download

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