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Learn Through These Family Tree Worksheets

Family tree worksheets are a great way to learn about current family members and ancestors. Their simplicity and design make them a favorite for genealogy teachers and students. You, too, can find the best family tree worksheets for your kids and family members and use them to explore your genealogy. Simply edit and download one or more of our family tree worksheets, and every member of your family will know individuals up to at least the third generation. 

Key Takeaways

  • A family Tree Worksheet is a simple paper sketch of a family tree of more than two generations.
  • The basic purpose of a family tree is to help you master your lineage.
  • A Family Tree Worksheet is adored for its simplicity and engagement. 

What is a Family Tree Worksheet?

A family Tree Worksheet is a simple paper sketch of a family tree of more than two generations. These are mostly used in learning institutions and distributed as flyers for students' rough work in genealogy studies. In the physical form, the worksheet is a large square white paper titled Family Tree and a section for your name. Most of the part is a family tree drawing from one box on the bottom and branches upwards. However, family tree worksheets come in different illustrations and designs, as you can see at RecordClick. 

Benefits of A Family Tree Worksheet

The basic purpose of a family tree is to help you master your lineage. So, whether you're studying your genealogy on a massive chart or a hand-drawn worksheet, the good thing is that you're exploring your identity. In that spirit, we've done the hard part for you and created beautiful family tree worksheets you can fill out with your kids and siblings. Choosing any of our worksheets comes with the following benefits. 

1. Simplicity

Simplicity is why teachers prefer using these worksheets over other sketches or charts. They've found worksheets better internalized by most students no matter their grade. This means that a family tree worksheet could be the answer to triggering a historical interest in your children. Usually, family tree worksheets involve about five generations which is simple to fill out for an average kid. Others come with as few as three generations meaning your kid will only have to fill out themselves, both parents and grandparents. 

2. Editable

Sure, you can change our family tree worksheet's appearance, size, and layout. We know you may have a unique family setting, and our available examples may not reflect that. Thankfully, we have an edit option where you can redo your chosen worksheet, too; for example, include a logo of your school or add a generation level. If you want to use the worksheets with kids at home, you can edit the title and indicate the kid's name on respective flyers. 

3. Engaging

You must use engaging family trees if you want your kids to love the family tree game. This is the reason people prefer online samples, for they are ready-made and considerate of the child's best interest. All the pieces you'll find at RecordClick are clearly labeled to help you know what to include where. One worksheet, for example, has a beautifully drawn tree on the background and big fruits hanging on as spaces to include mom, dad, grandparents, etc. 

4. Downloadable

You must have a hard copy of these worksheets if you want to distribute them to all family members or students. After finding your favorite family tree worksheet and making the necessary edits, you can freely download the worksheet to your PC or smartphone for future use. Sure, some students prefer completing the worksheets online, but the physical chart makes it more natural and easier to share. 

5. Printability

At RecordClick.com, we understand the different layouts crucial in genealogy studies, no matter how minor it is. Therefore, we have considered the standard dimensions you would need if you stick the worksheet on your house wall. The drawings and pictures used on these worksheets look great on any printing design and the sections for each family member. 

6. Promote Heritage

The last and the best reason to use worksheets while learning your genealogy is the sense of identity it brings forth. A person who understands their origin and heritage celebrates their uniqueness and never see themselves as outcasts. This way, your kids know other relatives better and relate well with them. 

Simple Genealogy 

Download our printable family tree worksheets and use them to help kids answer simple questions about their lineage. Some of our templates have space to allow the learners to write down their answers to different questions. Remember, you can edit any of these worksheets to make your own version according to your family structure. 

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