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Many Generations Genealogy Tree Template 

If you're considering conducting genealogy research and feel like going back 8 generations, you must plan on space and design. An 8-generation tree is no small fit, given that you want it to be spacious and legible. Above all, it's an extraordinary masterpiece with crucial details about your lineage, and keeping it for future generations is imperative. 

Luckily all that is catered for, you only heed to adjust the size frame and rest assured, your custom template will be oriented on top-notch quality photo paper. How, you ask? Check out our genealogy tree templates and download or edit to your preferred dimensions. 

Key Takeaways

  • Genealogy tree templates examples include the descendant tree, the combination tree, and the standard tree. 
  • All these options are available on our site; you only need to select your type and follow the prompts.
  • The final genealogy tree should be detailed, engaging, and simple. 

Which Is the Best 8 Generations Genealogy Tree Template?

Before creating your genealogy tree, you must know the best type for your target number of generations. Below are examples of templates and the number of generations each can accommodate comfortably. 

1. The Descendant Tree Template

The descendant genealogy tree is the most unique in the common template types as it focuses on descants, not ancestors, and stands vertically. Usually, descent trees start with an individual or a couple tracing their descendants downwards. So, you start with one ancestor at the top, followed by their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and so on. The descendants decide to conduct their genealogy this way especially if their family emerged from only one known ancestor, or the ancestor has a name for themselves, and the descendants want to trace their connection towards that common ancestor. 

2. Combination Tree

A combination tree template is for couples and typically has the child at the center. This is also what we call a bowtie template, with the mom's side and the dad's side expanding horizontally. Eight generations are the maximum number of generations you can include in a combination tree, as more makes it wide and hard to manage or observe. The number of people in the combination tree depends on the family's structure and your purpose for the genealogy tree. Be sure that the print-out template will look attractive, engaging, and clear. 

3. Standard Tree Template

A standard tree is a perfect choice when you want to go overboard and include the ninth generation. This one starts with an individual, just like in a descendant tree, and you follow that with your ancestors, i.e., parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. Most standard trees extending four generations expand horizontally, but you can choose to flip yours if the designated wall is more of a tall, not wide, wall. 

All these options are available on our site; you only need to select your type and follow the prompts. Feel free to change the alignment, color, and number of generations, and add other elements before downloading. 

Hacks To Creating the Best Genealogy Tree Template For 8 Generations

The massive template to preserve and display 8 generations in your family should be something everyone will like on sight. This is not something you can hide and most probably people will interpret family's situation based on how things look on the template. For that reason, you need to check the following boxes when working on an 8-generation genealogy tree template. 

1. Find The Necessary Resources

Researching for up to 8 generations and presenting the information expertly on a template requires hard work and exceptional skills. That's why many people end up consulting genealogists due to the many frustrations on the way. The main objective of whatever channel or resources you find is to provide all the details for the more than 250 individuals on the template. 

2. Choose the Best Template Type

Once you have all the necessary information, it's time to find the best 8-generation template to accommodate everyone. Alternatively, you can look for a favorite template and edit it to accommodate individuals of any generation. Another factor when choosing your template is the design of the intended display location. You want a template that blends with the environment and makes the intended statement. Whether a vertical outline, the bowtie template, or the standard tree, your final template should be the best you could create. 

3. Use Symbols and Numbers

Numbers and symbols are a great way to follow through your genealogy tree on all eight generations. Mastering all the names and dates of more than 250 people on the genealogy tree is a hassle, and the use of numbers has proven effective in eliminating special characters. For example, you can add a number to know which generation a relative is found or use a cross sign to show the date someone passed away. 

Your Genealogy as A Piece of Art

Genealogy Tree templates help keep track of family links across generations. They give you a glance at how far you're with your research and which ancestors you're yet to detail. For best results, print these templates on oversized papers to maximize space and get the full effect.  

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